We find that the experiences are better when the service is up to expectations.

– The Nordet is a unique motel with clean and comfortable rooms. Our property was built in the 60s with rooms on the sea side and on the forest side. Despite our small scale we strive to offer all the amenities worthy of all the big hotel. Several room units will be completely renovated for the 2019 season.

– For stays of two nights or less, we do not offer a full cleaning service, but we will gladly take out your bins and bring you new towels if needed (just hang the label on door when you leave for the day). For stays of 3 nights or more, you can simply contact our staff to let us know when / if you want your room cleaned.

– We are located in the pretty village of Saint-George-de-Malbaie. Our place will allow you to leave luggage and enjoy the Gaspesian point, because we are located halfway between Percé and Gaspé.

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