We are concerned about the very large consumption of water that a hotel establishment must use. While wanting to reduce our consumption, we don’t want our customers to be affected by it, that’s why we opted for the installation of high-efficiency water saving aerators in shower heads and faucets. According to studies, these should save nearly 80% of water.

  • Soap dispensers are available to use in the showers.
  • The lamps that have been purchased use energy-saving bulbs.
  • The televisions in the renovated rooms are also energy efficient.

We wash and dry sheets and towels on the spot, eliminating transportation to a different company. When we have the chance, we use the sun (this great wonder!) to dry the sheets.


  • Furnitures such as tables and chairs from the previous restaurant have been carefully improved and brought up to date (instead of buying new ones) in order to save resources, transport costs and budget.
  • As of 2020, we will apply a policy on food waste in our kitchen.
  • Composting is one of the actions we implemented since the beginning to reduce the burial of residual waste.
  • For the whole menu we favor local foods. It is not always possible to obtain certain ingredients, but our vision is to do so as much as possible and to encourage local seasonal food & short supply chains.


During renovations, we try as much as possible to think of our purchases as an investment and consider their sources, their materials and their individual impacts.

  • Noble materials are used such as wood from the region for floors and ceilings.
  • The paint used for the renovated rooms is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • In terms of bathrooms, we used entirely recycled ceramic.
  • We have reused bath bases, toilets, sinks and fittings to reduce our purchases during the renovations.
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