This motel, formerly known as the popular “Motel Bond”, was built by Mr. Henry Bond over 50 years ago. While living on site with his family, Mr Bond found the time to operate a popular bar that brought many memories to the people’s lives back then.

The new owners, Jeffrey Samuel-Bond and Steven Bond, are the grandson and son of Henry Bond and, animated by a desire to take back the gem that Henry Bond created, decided to buy it back in 2019!

Jeffrey Samuel-Bond, founder and owner of Avolo Plein Air since 2010, fulfills a childhood dream by buying this family motel during the winter of 2019 with the goal to create an ecotourism center in Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie.

Steven Bond, having lived in the Motel Bond in his youth, now resides in the United States. He owns a computer consulting company there and is a shareholder in the project that is the Nordet while also being a great and valued mentor.

Did you know?… The Nordet is actually synonymous of ”wind from the northeast”.

Welcome to our windy reality on Pointe St-Pierre!