3 types of massages

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Le Momentum

Le Momentum

Momentum massage is distinguished by its slowness, fluidity and the fact that it does not follow a pre-established sequence.

This intuitive approach, where the quality of touch takes precedence over the application of a technique, is based on listening and promotes deep relaxation by encouraging letting go of the mind in favor of a better presence in the body. Momentum is a massage that aims to be global and holistic: its objective is to bring a feeling of harmony and unification through the body by working in a general and specific way. Slides, kneading, stretching, rocking, mobilization, crushing, Trigger points; Momentum combines all kinds of maneuvers to achieve muscle relaxation, deep relaxation, and the feeling that every part of the body is integrated.

Each experience is unique, highly personalized and always adapted to the person who receives it.

Le Amma

Le Amma

Amma is a massage that is performed by applying a series of pressure to specific points of the body using the thumbs, palms and forearms.

This Japanese massage, having its origins in traditional Chinese arts, is taught and practiced like a kata: it is a series of maneuvers applied in a logical sequence, which has been practiced and refined for more than 1300 years. Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, this sequence consists of acupressions performed on the meridian lines, to which are added percussion and stretching. By stimulating these precise points (the tsubos), the Amma massage aims to restore the energy balance of the body. It is also very effective in loosening muscle tension, maintaining good range of motion, relieving stress and bringing the body to a state of overall well-being.

This oil-free massage can be received on clothes!

Le Sportif

Le Sportif

Sports massage is for athletes, yes, but also for all athletes in life, for those who ask or have asked a lot of their body.

Before exercise, it can serve as preparation and help prevent injury. After a sporting event or training, it can help recovery, and at all times it can be an ally to relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility, maintain tissue health and range of joints.

Performed with the forearms, elbows and fists, sports massage stimulates blood circulation and muscle tone.

It is the ultimate invigorating maintenance massage!